Team: Breelee Design

Hey everyone!

These past months I’ve really been thinking a lot about TEAM.

My team has grown quickly these past two years. Basically, it was me. Then it was me + 1.  Then it was me + 2. Then, + 3......I’m curious, who’s on your team? And how have they been helpful?


I’m sitting today next to my graphic designer/marketing master...both of us on one side of a booth. We look like we are really good friends as no one is on the other side of the booth. But...we both need to see her magical computer screen.  

She is an absolute WONDER on that thing. Her brain, eyes, and hands communicate with each other so quickly she is absolutely speaking a different language than the rest of us.  It’s kind of like she’s playing the me, her skill is an absolute treasure.

Bree is part of my team. TEAM is key when you are ready to take your business to the next level. At a certain point I realized, no more Do-It-Yourself Ang. You are wasting time doing things that you have no business doing. It’s time to hire someone to staff your weaknesses. And, FYI, you are not a graphic designer or marketer. You are a lot of things Angela Stocke, but not that.

Bree manages the back end of my Squarespace website.  And let me just much we would like Squarespace to be a Do-It-Yourself situation, my site is NOT a DIY situation. It’s actually a Need-Lots-of-Help-and-Technical-Expertise situation.  

Enter, Bree.  

Funny thing how I met Bree...kind of magical. I was at Dunn Brother’s in Duluth and I saw this creative-hipster-girl (she laughs as I read this to her) working alone at a table on her computer. She had a logo blown up on her screen and looked like she was doing something technical with it. Hmmm….I thought, could it be? Is that a GRAPHIC DESIGNER???

I had been looking for a graphic designer for MONTHS. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this unsuspecting graphic design gal ALONE at a table in my favorite coffee shop. I approached her immediately. I used my best smile and best manners EVER too woo her to my side. I gave her my card and we agreed to meet. Da-Daaaahhhh! Mission accomplished. She’s been doing my graphic design work (and more) ever since!  

She handles my branding and helps keep me consistent. She helps me with my website and well, she just gets me.  She is worth every penny. My favorite is when I get to meet and work with her in-person. Those sessions are powerful.  

I can take some small and medium size business LEAPS on my own but my designer is integral for the BIG LEAPS.  I'm curious...who’s helping YOU with the BIG LEAPS?  Who is on your TEAM? Who is helping you climb over obstacles? And if there’s no one yet, I urge you to consider the following questions:  

What would be possible for you or your business if you found the right kind of person to join your TEAM? 

What is it costing you each day you don’t have this person in place?

What's next for YOU in terms of TEAM?

That's all friends.  No pictures today...just deep thoughts for those of you ready to add someone to your TEAM!!!