Hi, I'm Angela Stocke.

I’m a business & life coach. I coach creative female entrepreneurs & business owners (& some very delightful gentlemen) to thrive in business & life. I love coaching clients who are UP TO SOMETHING! 

I coach both women & men who want to make change in the world.  My clients are passionate about making a difference. I work with creative entrepreneurs who want help with focus, balance, & purpose. I work with business owners who want their work & their workplace to inspire greatness. I work with clients who want to have a business brand that is authentic & empowering. I coach clients who are ready to become leaders in their industry.

My clients are ready to THINK BIG and explore the opportunities their gifts can bring.


Who I am and what I believe

I am a creative & an entrepreneur.   I love to make, create, design and do.  I love home, family, cooking, and entertaining.  
I'm a teacher, a speaker, a confidante.  

I am a lover of flowers, floral design, gardens and all things growing.  I’m a mother of 3 boys and wife to my love. I'm a country music lover, a good friend, and a thoughtful counselor.  I am faithful, soulful and grateful for the gifts I've been given.  I am committed to constant self/business/home and family improvement.  

I am a lifelong learner.  I am obsessed with the art of a beautiful, meaningful conversation.  

I believe it's our duty to lift others up with our gifts. I believe we shine brightest when we know who we are, what we believe in, where we are going. We are powerful when we see how our lives contribute to the greater world. My clients want to contribute and are intentional about living lives that matter. They find value in living life well and shine as examples of what is possible.  

My Story

I am one of these people.  Always called to create, I left my teaching position in the Twin Cities to start a fancy little flower shop in my hometown of Duluth, MN.  At age 27, I founded Angela's Bella Flora, Inc. with the thought that I needed to be creative EVERY DAY.  During my 16 years as owner, CEO, manager and design team leader, I employed over 200 people.  Teaching, coaching, and leading groups has been part of me as long as I can remember.  

Coaching entered my life when I started to feel out of balance.  I was being creative everyday...and the business was a success, YAY!  But, at a certain point, work was winning and I was losing. Working 60 hours a week as a small business owner was taxing.  My health suffered.  I had gone from running half-marathons to gaining weight, skipping exercise and working all the time.  My body hurt, and my nutrition had changed for the worse.  I was so happy with work...an upscale flower shop filled with all kinds of darling.  Work was SO BEAUTIFUL AND FUN!  Unfortunately, I was thriving on stress, the momentum of being busy ALL THE TIME, and working endlessly.  I was surrounded by lots of gorgeous flowers, delightful fragrance and a beautiful environment...but, after a couple of years at this pace I needed a change.

Life changed for the better when I enrolled in coaching. It helped me get clear about the next level of my business, how I could move towards more success while still creating and living a life of balance.

Coaching changed my life and the way I think about the world.  It had such a profound affect on me, I wanted more.  After 15 years as a flower shop owner, I attended Coach U and began a coaching practice.  After much prayer, journaling, coaching and counsel,...I decided to sell the busy little flower shop & focus on coaching.   

I am absolutely where I am supposed to be.  I love what I do.  This is where I shine!

I'd love to get to know you and help you decide if coaching is the right path for you.  Start with a complimentary strategy session!